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    Adding Audio (easy question)

    flyme Level 1
      I am creating a demo of a new Knowledge Base we are implementing. Although I have used Captivate before, I have never required the need to add audio (till now). For example, My intro slide has a text box welcoming the user and then other text boxes to explain the 4 main areas. Each area is a separate text box and highlight box that highlights the tabs mentioned in the text boxes. I have tried adding audio to the slide level, but can't seem to synch my speech speed with what is occuring on the screen, or adjust the timeline of the text/highlight boxes. Is the correct way to do this to add it to the object level? Any best practices out there?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hey Bill, how ya doin? A few general guides to use of audio are:

          1) Always use slide-level audio when possible, as it is the only audio that will display on the timeline, therefore is the easiest to work with in synching audio-video.

          2) Always synch objects with the audio (on the timeline) ... never try to synch the audio with the objects.

          3) Don't worry about varying your "speech speed". Just input the audio in your normal golden-voice speed. If you follow #2 above, no changes to your speaking speed, or style, will be necessary.

          Have a good day my friend!