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    Indesign to Illustrator to After Effects Workflow

    sequence W4 Level 1

      My design team increasingly design directly in InDesign. I then have to animate these pages in After Effects.


      I have an InDesign file with 100 1920x1080 pages.


      Each page had elements of text and vector shapes.


      If I select layers in InDesign I can then go to a 1920x1080 Illustrator page and I can paste. (although it pastes at an arbitrary size and I have to rescale back to the Illustrator page size which is 1920x1080!)


      Illustrator then generates 1 layer with a number of elements/objects in it. I then have to manually collect to layer all the items I require as a separate layer. It refuses to simply make a separate layer for each item which is what I need.


      I then import the Illustrator file into After Effects.


      Thus it seems logical that it should be possible to import directly to After Effects from InDesign.


      My question is, why is not possible to buy a script which will automate this task?


      Or at least is there a script to perform the necessary steps in the Illustrator import and to automatically assign layers?


      Please help!