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    Problem - Section numbers not autonumbering


      I'm working on a book with the following document layout:


      JHSV_EOM book layout.jpg


      (Note: JHSV_Chapter_1.fm and JHSV_Ch1.fm are excluded documents.)


      I have set Section 1-1 to start numbering at Section #: 1.  The remaining sections are set to Continue numbering from previous section in book:

      JHSV_EOM num properties.jpg

      I can't get the section header numbers to autonumber.  I need them to be Section 1.2, 1.3, and so on. As can be seen below, the section numbers have reset back to 1.1.  (The figure titles remain correct since I have not updated my references.)  My header paragraph format can also be seen in the image below.


      I have fought with this all day yesterday.  At one point, it actually corrected itself (hence, the correct figure numbers).  But now it has reset.




      JHSV_EOM all.jpg