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    ID - Constant crashes when saving/closing documents

    fiber123 Level 1

      A little background: In my normal job flow, I tend to work with multiple (3-5) files open at once, and these files change every so often as I complete one and move on to the next. I sometimes process 30-45 an hour in very rapid succession.


      Since I've upgraded from InDesign CS5.5 to CC, I'm experiencing constant crashes, especially when saving and closing documents.


      For example, I make the final changes to one document. I then use the keyboard shortcuts to save the document and then again to close the document. InDesign then disappears. The program is no longer accessible and will not re-open until I terminate the process.


      This only occurs when I use keyboard shortcuts and multiple documents are open. Yes, yes, I could use the mouse to close and save, and I could work on one document at a time, but both of those cut my work speed significantly. (Not to mention my muscle memory for keyboard shortcuts.)


      I have already deleted my preferences multiple times, even though this has been occuring on a daily basis since I did a complete clean install of CC after upgrading.


      Is there anything else I can do? 


      On a related note, does anyone know if ID CS5.5 is compatible with the other CC apps?


      Edit: I should also mention that after restarting InDesign, I have to cancel out all of the Document Recovery options, then close and restart ID a second time. If I try to use the Document Recovery OR cancel it and try to open another document without another close/restart, the ID screen shows me a black document window.