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    Unable to edit text - file is not locked


      I received a file from another designer and I have been asked to edit the text. I usually save a copy before I edit so I don't override their work. After I saved a copy, for reason the text could not be edited and there was an icon with a pencil and a strike through on the top left hand corner of each text box.


      To side step this, I decided to make changes in the master file. After hours of working in the master file, my computer froze and I had to restart.


      I opened the file intending to pick up from where I left off. Now the file has the same text issue! I am not able to edit the text and each text box has those funny pecil with a strike through icons. Keep in mind, the text is not "locked" and all the "text unlock" tutorials I have come across are not helping.


      Here is what the icon looks like. Have any of you guys seen this? I don't want to have to recreate the last few hours of work, so hopeuflly someone can help.


      I am using InDesign CC.