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    Video Editing HDD Setup Question


      Bill, this is extremely helpful. So here's my question - what would be faster (used as a media drive), a single sata III 7200 RPM or an external RAID 0 (two 7200 disks) connected with FW800? Without physically being able to test data rates I would guess that the internal HDD may be just as fast despite being only one physical disk?


      Now what if the FW800 connection was upgraded to USB 3.0? Who would have the edge?


      Here's why I'm asking - I'm looking to do a custom build as affordable as I can without shooting myself in the foot. Currently I edit off of an external RAID 0 (two 7200 disks) that is connected with FW800. It seems I am able to scrub and seek several streams of video fine in PP CS6. So I'm curious if I could get similar, if not better results (maybe with render times) with a single, internal sata III drive for a lot less money than the cost of an external raid?


      Thanks for your time.