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    failure in proxy use


      Hi everyone,


         I have a problem with offline editing in a roundtrip between After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC. I'll tell you exactly what I am doing, maybe someone can point what I'm doing wrong. I use Windows 7.


         So I intend to edit and do the the color corrections to DNG's from magic lantern 14 bit raw files. I first convert the DNGs into photo jpeg files in AE. Then I import thoses photo jpeg files(which have the same name as the DNG files) into PP, and do my editing. Once finished, I click right on the sequence and select "Replace by an AE composition".


         In AE, I set the project window for 16 bits. I set DNG sequences as proxies for the photojpeg files(the square is filled). Then I want to render the composition as a master in quicktime animation. So I put the compostion in the render queue, I select "Use only the proxies of the compostion". I hit "render", and at this very moment the squares from the project window arn't filled with white anymore... And when I import the quicktime animation file into Premiere, I can see that the quality is far away from the DNG's one: even with "integral resolution" actived in the reading window, I can see pixels, and my weak computer can read the footage way to easily...


         Can anybody help?


                        Thanks for reading!

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure I understand your workflow.


          If you're telling Premiere to replace footage with an AE composition, there's no need to render out of AE; Premiere should have access to the AE file right in the timeline.


          Perhaps it would be better to just import your whole Premiere project into AE and work that way.