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    Web Apps and Outlook/Google Calendar

    XenoPeople Level 1

           I have just fallen in love with the potential of Web Apps- it's already solved one problem for me.


      I have an issue I can't seem to get an answer for and wonder if Web Apps could be the resolve.


      I have a client who wants to be able to have clients hit "Add event to my Outlook" or "Add event to my Google" Calendar button and have it then do so.


      In order to do this MY client has to create a GOOGLE and OUTLOOK event and then enter the code into an event- (besides the fact that I am no longer using the EVENTS module, but instead using a Web App when they add events. It's much easier all around) . This isn't very user friendly for the client.


      Is there any way using a Web App you can think of to streamline this process?


      Is there a way to upload a ics (outlook event) file instead of an image?


      Is there somewhere in the descirption they can enter the Google code for the event and have it generate the HTML code as it should be rendered (not just showing the HTML code and not properly linking?)


      I am pretty new to WEB APPS and am sorry I waited so long to dive in. Please be patient with me. Any help is very much appreciated.