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    looking for a script or some sort of automation for picture montage

    coonasty Level 1

      as question says i have a photo montage at the end of a video and im looking for some way to automate the moving/scrolling/flow of the pics.  i have a particle element (with a trail) that comes in flying through in 3d space.  im trying to have the photos dissolve in one at a time in 3d space like they're flying at the camera slowly in front of this particle effect. 


      trying to not have to animate every single one of these by hand. 


      is there a script or some sort of project file that i can buy to help with this as ill prolly incorporate into more things if i could do it quicker. TIA

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If the move is the same each time, you can simply animate one still, duplicate it many times, then replace the footage source for each duplicate layer.  (Make sure your photos are all batch-converted to equivalent size first.)


          Alternately, here's a simple Expression that will give a layer constant movement in Z space.  Adjust the velocity to suit.


          veloc = -200; //z space velocity (pixels per second)

          x = position[0];

          y = position[1];

          z = position[2] + (time - inPoint) *veloc;



          To automatically fade the layer up and down, you can add one of the FadeIn+Out preset expressions from the Behaviours folder of Animation Presets.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I have a couple hundred expressions saved as animation presets that do all kinds of automated but editable behaviors for layers. One of my favorite is this FlyInBounceOut. Apply this preset to any layer at any scale, 2D or 3D and the layer flys in from the left side of the frame, bounces to a stop, then, just before the out point, falls off the bottom of the screen. Everything from the speed of the fly in to the bounce rate is controlable by slider and the in and out point of the layer set the start and end point for the animation. All you do is add a layer, set the in and out point, move the CTI to the middle part of the layer and drag it into your desired resting position, then apply the effect and adjust the speed and bounce if you would like.

            Here's the preset for you or anybody to look at.


            You could take Andrew's expression or some variation of it, create an animation pre-set, and then apply it to all of your photos.



            I will see if I can dig up the thread where I posted this example January 17th of last year. This was just an expression that uses index, valueAtTime and a slider to make one layer follow another.


            Another approach to this problem would be to set up an image sequence with your photos in a pre-comp that was sized to the maximum size you want the photos to be and then use that pre-comp as a sprite or textured polygon in an app like Particular.