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    Captivate in Vista not recording- workaround

      Recap: I just installed Captivate on my new Toshiba laptop running Vista. Couldn't get Captivate to record anything- the software wouldn't recognize any recording keystrokes, not for screencaptures or for full motion video. I tried changing the default record keys with no luck. Spent an hour or so looking on these forums, only to find out that there are a lot of problems with Captivate in Vista, and this is only one of them. I hope Adobe addresses them soon because I think Captivate is a great product, though from the comments I've seen, it doesn't seem hopeful.

      Workaround: I had been trying to capture something in Internet Explorer. I had given up in frustration and was preparing to shut down, when on a hunch I decided to try capturing in something other than IE (must be all that problem-solving from QA). I tried capturing something in OneNote, and it worked beautifully. Same for capturing screens of a file folder. So I opened Firefox and tried taking screencaps from that program. It worked like a dream.

      Caveat: This obviously won't solve everyone's problems with Captivate. I haven't tried recording audio, and I know some can't even get Captivate to run, period. And it may not even help everyone who is having capture problems. But for those who are having problems taking simple screencaptures, and you are trying to capture in Internet Explorer, try using a different browser. And hopefully Adobe will release a permanent solution soon.
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          Hi rabet

          And hopefully Adobe will release a permanent solution soon.

          Personally it would surprise me if Adobe were to release any patch to make version 1 or 2 "Vista compatible". However, there is currently a beta underway for a new version of Captivate that will indeed be Vista compatible. As to exactly when it will be released is anyone's guess. But Adobe are aware of the need and are working on it.

          Cheers... Rick