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    no pressure sensitivity in cs6 (and also, opening Photoshop causes Cintiq pen to go berserk)

    bryanbeus Level 1

      Opening Photoshop CC (either 32 or 64 bit) causes several issues.


      First, I'm working on the new Cintiq Companion using Windows 8.1


      While I know that the first reaction a staff member at Adobe might have would be to say that this is Wacom's problem, I'm finding that there has to be at least some of the problems arising in Adobe.


      Here's the problem:


      My pen is working fine in Autodesk Sketchbook Express; pressure sensitivity acts in this app just like it should.


      When I go to open Photoshop, however, things start to go wrong.


      The first thing that happens is that my pen changes so that clicking with the point does not produce a normal click, but rather a right-click, at all times.


      The only way I've found to stop this is to go into the Wacom Preferences Pane and delete all of my preferences.


      Okay, it works, but it is undesireable to never keep my preferences.


      Then, I go back into Photoshop and try to draw with the pen, but there is no pressure sensitivity, no matter how I change the shape dynamics. I've tried dozens of different brushes and settings, and nothing will bring back my pressure sensitivity.


      When I first noticed this problem I was able to fix it just one time by quitting out of Photoshop entirely and working in an entirely new document. For about a minute I had pressure sensitivity. But then something happened, I don't know what (maybe I switched applications and then came back to Photoshop?), and all of a sudden I lost my pressure sensitivity again.


      The two problems:


      * Opening Photoshop causes Cintiq Companion Pen to always right-click


      * The pressure sensitivity is either non-existent in photoshop, or disappears without an obvious cause


      This is not happening in Sketchbook Express, and the problems begin when I work in Adobe Photoshop.


      Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? Solutions?


      Thank you, this is entirely stopping my ability to work.