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    Youtube OSX 10.5


      Hi, on  my eMac 1.4 ghz 1gb ram with osx 10.5.8 installed and the layest avaiable Flash player for that os and I have some problems with the youtube playback. Isn't fluid, the video and the audio are not sync. What can I do?

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          Mike M Level 6

          eMac - G4?

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            myneck-n-myback Level 1


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              Mike M Level 6

              YouTube™ video has undergone a transition of late. They've converted to HMTL5 video, but  it won't help. About the only thing that would help is Google® Chrome®, but it requires an Intel® processor. Firefox™ 3.6 is the last version that will run on your eMac®. and Safari™ 4 won't handle HMTL5 video. And since more and more YouTube™ videos are going to HD, it's only going to get worse. PPC™ Macs don't handle it well.


              I owned a total of 6 PowerPC™ Macs, and I loved 'em... but their time has come and gone. Even though many of them still run and run well, sadly, they're obsolete. Apple® hasn't made them in nine years and they haven't supported them in nearly five. Software companies stopped development of PPC™ apps in 2009 as well.


              Flash Player™ is blocked by code from a lot of websites. On the ones where it will run, it has problems, but then you don't need me to tell you that.


              Best I can recommend is PowerMax. They have some really good "pre-owned" and some refurbished Intel® Macs at very good prices, and they stand behind what they sell.

              This one in particular (http://www.powermax.com/parts/show/pow-t47249) is a very good buy. With a Core2™ Duo and 4Gb RAM it can run OS10.6.8, or OS 10.7, which will allow you to run a world of software the PPC can't. It has 10.5.8, but you can get 10.6 from Apple® for $19.99 (Snow Leopard™) and you'd be able to migrate your apps and files to the Mini from the eMac. With Rosetta® (parto of OS 10.6), even the PPC apps will run on it.

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                myneck-n-myback Level 1

                Thank tou your advice I found a great extension for Safari that allow me to view Video great, it's name is Youtube5. I have a mac book pro so I don't need to buy new one, I just wanna to make work an old eMac that I have because I think it's still a great machine. My issues don't end here because I'm serching how to let work iCloud, another non sense from Apple. If you have an old mac you can't sync files and stuff with other mac or devices and you must use services like Drop Box.... bah... non sense...

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                  Mike M Level 6

                  Newer Apple® devices are based on Intel processor architecture. That's why they won't work with anything older than OS 10.6.


                  It's a double edged sword for Macs. The change in processors has caused problems lately for people who take care of their stuff, because Macs outlast PCs by a ratio of 4 to 1 in years, a lot of older PowerPC Macs are just now starting to see obsolescence from a software and interaction point, while they're still going strong from a hardware standpoint. Unfortumately, for those users, Apple isn't going back to the old architecture and neither are software developers.

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                    myneck-n-myback Level 1

                    i think it's only a commercial matter. Nobody says that Apple must do ox for both, PPC and Intel, only to made available upgrades for older OS that allow them to interact with modern OS. Somebody says that is the PPC architecture that prevent Apple to made iCloud, iMessage and other new technologies for olfer Mac Os, but I don't believe this. Apple is Unix based so potentialy an open source Os so you can do it, you can do an icloud software, or a Flash player software that runs with PPC and older OS. I think you agree with this.

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                      Mike M Level 6

                      Apple won't be doing anything in the way of OS X (or any of their software for that matter) for PPC ever again. That door closed years ago, and it won't be reopened.

                      iCloud's Calendar and Contacts are dependent on CalDAV and CardDAV syncing, and that wasn’t supported in MacOSX before 10.6 “Snow Leopard” (in 10.5 “Leopard” only CalDAV and CardDV importing is possible, syncing is based on MobileMe and LDAP). Those technologies were designed for the Intel acrhitecture (regardless of the UNIX kernel), and (see sentence #1) Apple isn't going to retro-design them because that basically, would mean reopening support for machines they abandoned nearly ten years ago.


                      It's not about selling new equipment to everyone (not 100% anyway - although that is an Apple goal). It's about not supporting hardware they no longer make.


                      I had (sold to to my brother) a 1970 VW Beetle in "Excellent" condition - meaning it was just short of "Like New". It's a G4 among cars. Still runs great (32mpg), still has the factory paint and it shines up well enough for about half a dozen car shows a year. But... ALL parts for it have to come from either a junk yard or a third party manufacturer, and EVERYTHING that's done to it is "out of pocket" because the warranty expired 43 years ago. It has no cigarette lighter (12 volt outlet), no stereo (AM radio it came with), no air conditioning, rack & pinion steering, no power brakes, and it won't go over 68mph. But, it's a "classic car" now and it's worth six times what my grandparents paid for it in October 1969. It's not a "daily driver", and never will be. The local VW dealer's sales manager is always commenting on the car at shows, but VW wouldn't touch it. They don't work on ANY air cooled models at the dealer.

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                        OMG I love that car. My favorite si 1960 but '70 it's ok, it's ok. Regarding Apple iOS 10.5 has mobile me, has iTunes Match, and other stuff to male work iCloud and iMessage. Maibe a Unix expert know how to do it...