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    Text disappearing and reappearing InDesign CC


      Hi there, this being my 1st post please excuse any errors in eticate...


      I have an issue within InDesign CC when editing text in text boxes.


      Intermitently it seems that when highlighting text it seems to dissapear before oyu can edit it, BUT it is in fact still there. If you Zoom out and in again hay presto it re-appears...


      This seems to only have started since the last software update and when working on a 72pp A5 Programme full of text on a tight turnaround it is getting rather frustrating.


      I have a friend who works for another company who seems to be having the same issue and again since the last software update


      I have attached a screen shot of how it looks when it happens


      Please help...


      Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 16.15.41.png