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    Shortcut for action reset on every start of Photoshop CC


      Hey there,


      I have a problem I didn't have with Photoshop CS6 that now occured on CC since I just subscribed.


      I had set a shortcut for a custom action in Photoshop CS6 which was F2. Since I wanted to use F2 for another function (i.e. renaming layers) in Photoshop, I had changed the action shortcut to F4 successfully when working with CS6. However, on Photoshop CC, each time I start the program the shortcut is reset to F2. I already tried saving my shortcuts, but I assume that doesn't include the ones for actions? Anybody an idea what might cause this, or better: How to solve it?


      I am using the Windows version of PS CC, being on Windows 8.1.



      Thanks in advance




      Edit: I can 'solve' it by manually copying stuff from the CS6 presets folder - which is far from ideal since I then cannot change it to something else in future either (will stick to F4 then).