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    CPU use high


      Hi, I recently installed Animate 3.0. Unlike 2.0, my cpu use goes very high doing the most basic of things like double clicking into a symbol to edit. I have a 1 year old high spec laptop with Intel i7, 8Gb RAM, GTX 765M graphics and Windows 8.1.


      No other application causes such high CPU use.


      It also takes the stage area at least 0.5 seconds to reload itself after each save. If I am several levels deep into nested symbols, on save, the stage will display the top level and then repaint to my current level.


      Has anyone else experienced this?




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          Alectra Level 1

          Yes. It is a HUGE resource hog. I am running win7 64bit with pleanty of HD space, a high-end gaming graphics card, and 16GB ram. It takes a lot of time to enter a symbol (sometimes more than 5 seconds), more time to save, and sometimes brings my computer to a standstill for over a minute. Oh, and Edge also crashes completely on occasion when trying to save or enter a symbol... I hope Adobe fixes this, but I am a Flash developer moving to Edge, so I expect poor-preformance with memory and cpu. Works better if you don't test in firefox. Also exit completely out of the code editor before saving, that helps the save problems.

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            websemantic Level 1

            Thanks for the confirmation and tips. Do any staff wish to respond?

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              websemantic Level 1

              Is there anywhere I can submit a bug report for this issue if staff are unable to reply please (I appreciate staff may not be able to reply to something hardware related).



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                Thanks for bringing this to our notice, we are looking into the issue.

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