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    Will not write to BD disc.


      Hi all,
      After I got my movie in Premiere Elements 11 installed, rendered, and so on, I want to write it to a Blu Ray disc.
      After coding (titles and main movie, 4 hours), the system indicates that it is going to build a Blu Ray but suddenly "Disk not ready 'appears

      In windows explorer I see that the disc is indeed present  and ready, so the problem must be in premiere elements 11.
      Meanwhile i tried it for 4 times, 4 times the same mistake.
      What goes wrong?

      The computer is a (laptop) Core i7 with windows7 OS.
      Project Settings from Premiere:
      Pal Full HD 1080i25, 5.1 sound
      Length of the film: about 1 hour 35 minutes.
      External BD discwriter, Asus.
      Someone tips?

      ps, my previous installation was in version 9 elements, hbut in this version there were no problems with writing to a BD disc.
      Only a new version of elements is put on the PC (laptop, sony vaio with i7 core inside))

      (in noticed that the version of premiere elements 9 is still present on the computer)


      Please help..


      Peter Witte


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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Peter Witte


          What brand and type of Blu-ray disc are you using? And what is the Blu-ray preset that you have selected in the burn dialog? In that burn dialog, what does the Quality Area show for Space Required and Bitrate (when you Blu-ray disc is in the burner tray) with and without a check mark next to "Fit Content To Available Space"? Also, if your Space Required reading is 23.0 GB or less, are you working with or without a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            pwitte Level 1

            Hi ATR,




            Thank you for your reply,




            I use the Dutch version of premiere elements 11

            Attached picture is with a Dutch text, but I think you can read this.

            I use JVC (Taya Uden) BD 25 disc, BD-R Lth, type 6, white inkjet)


            The length of the original footage is 1,5 hour, needs approx 15 Gb of

            discspace on the BD-25 disc (should be more than sufficient)



            Regardless of the length of my movie premiere shows every time when burning

            to BD disc, the error message "Disk not ready"


            Yesterday I deactivated Premiere and removed from my laptop and then

            reinstalled it on the same laptop

            The problem is still there.


            After that I uninstalled Premiere and installed Premiere Elements 11 on the

            laptop of my wife and activated it.

            After loading the files, and encoding, a BD disc is burned. (same presets,

            nothing changed)


            So it is apparently somewhere in my laptop.

            I use Nero, perhaps this is the cause? I read something about Nero on the

            Adobe forum page.


            Otherwise I would not know about what causes the burning problem.
























            Met vriendelijke groet,


            Peter Witte

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              pwitte Level 1

              ScreenHunter_85 Mar. 06 19.44.jpgScreenHunter_84 Mar. 06 19.35.jpg


              Mail did not include the pictures as mentioned above

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I have an old version of Nero (9) which came with a DVD burner that I purchased some years ago. I still have it installed, and so far

                it has not created any problems with the burn to DVD or AVCHD or Blu-ray.


                However, Nero has a history of taking over drivers so I would uninstall it temporarily, use the Nero Clean Tool. Also, deactivate Premiere Elements 11, then uninstall it, run ccleaner, reinstall with antivirus and firewall turned Off. Then let us see if all that got rid of the problem.



                We will be watching for your results.


                Thank you.




                Add On...Are the discs that you are using the BD-R or the BD-RE type? If the BD-RE is the disc being overwritten?

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                  pwitte Level 1

                  Dear ATR,
                  This weekend i deinstalled the known versions of Nero(8 and 12), run the Nero Clean Tool, uninstalled Premiere Elements 11, run CCleaner.
                  Installed Premiere Elements 11 again

                  But, to my disappointment, the problem persists, now Premiere gives an error message "Device not present" (while just seeing the device in Windows Explorer with a disc mounted)

                  I will give it a moment, asking me what is causing the problem.
                  To install the whole laptop again to factory settings, is no option.

                  Other tips?


                  Add On: The discs i use are the same disc (brand and model ?) i used last year (no problems at that time)

                  The discs will burn using imageburn or other software on my laptop.

                  The Bluray disc can be burned withe premiere elements 11  as a workaround on my wifes laptop.... 



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Latest thought...


                    You say that your workaround is Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray with your wife's laptop.


                    What version of Premiere Elements does she use, version 11 or other? Does her computer use an internal or

                    external Blu-ray burner?


                    Here is the idea...if her computer has Premiere Elements 11 and an internal Blu-ray burner (for that matter any other burner other than yours) and you are getting the burn to Blu-ray, then try your burn to Blu-ray with her computer, her Premiere Elements 11, and your external Blu-ray burner. Do you get a successful burn to Blu-ray under those conditions?



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                      pwitte Level 1

                      Hi ATR,


                      It's correct,my workaround is my wife's laptop.



                      i deactivate premiere elements on my laptop.

                      i Install Premiere elements (the samen one) on her laptop and activates it

                      I connect the  Asus external BD writer

                      i connect the external harddiskdrive with the videodata and project


                      Execute Premiere elements, loads the project from external disk, render it again, and burn it to BD.


                      The only thing what has been changed is the computer.

                      when finished, i disconnect the harddrive and BD burner, deactivate premiere elements. connect everthing to my own computer and activate premiere elements again.

                      Thats the workaround.



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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Very interesting.


                        You are running your Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 7 64 bit as I recall. What is your wife's computer's operating system?


                        Do the computers have the same USB port type? Did the external burner require one or two connections to the computer when your computer and your wife's computer was used? What about resources? What was the video card for each?

                        Both have QuickTime, both run Run As Administrator and from User Account with Administrative Privileges?

                        Different 3rd party plug-ins or codecs?


                        More later.



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                          pwitte Level 1

                          Hi ATR,


                          My computer has windows7 as operating system, she has windows 8.1.

                          But i do not think thats the problem

                          The problem is in my computer somewhere.

                          roughly 1 or 2 times a year I make a bluray disc with premiere elements.

                          (the other times it is a DVD, which i burn to a folder on my drive.

                          The last time everything went without a hitch, now it suddenly stopped, so

                          think rather a conflict somewhere in the drivers?


                          I use the software that comes with the ASUS (but I had no problems with it last

                          year) and recently i installed Imgburn for DVDs etc.



                          And yes, both run the latest version of quictime, administrator rights and

                          USB 3.0





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                            A.T. Romano Level 7



                            Thanks for the reply.


                            Unlike DVD and AVCHD options in Publish+Share/Disc, Blu-ray does not come with a burn to folder option.


                            Would you want to consider the troubleshooting of trying to get a " Blu-ray burn to folder" of sorts for Premiere Elements in

                            conjunction with the Phantom Burner (a virtual drive which will use a virtual BD-RE disc to produce a real Blu-ray disc image saved to the computer hard drive)?


                            Please check out the details in my blog post



                            If you can produce the Blu-ray disc image with Premiere Elements burn software, the virtual Phantom Burner drive, and the virtual BD-RE disc, then this points us back to your real Blu-ray burner and real Blu-ray disc.


                            Please think about the idea.





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                              pwitte Level 1



                              Thanks for your reply,


                              I've thought about it, and comes to the conclusion that a complete new installation of Windows 7 might be the quickest solution.

                              It may not be the most elegant way, but hopefully a way to solve the problem.
                              In the course of time is by installing and uninstalling software packages there have been some leftovers (junk) from these packages.
                              With a restore to factory settings, the laptop should be clean again

                              I the coming week i will reinstall the laptop, reinstall Premiere elements 11 and my other software and then try to burn a BD disc again.

                              If this does not work, then I will install the virtual BD disc.

                              Sofar thanks for all your help and tips.
                              I will report if everything works well (with a week or two)



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                                A.T. Romano Level 7



                                Keeping positive thoughts.


                                But, whichever way the results go, they will give us valuable information regarding the your Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray.



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                                  pwitte Level 1

                                  Hi ATR,


                                  Last few days I have spent some time to restore my computer to factory settings.
                                  Adobe Premiere Elements 11 installed and re-loaded the film (project)

                                  Re-rendered and burned to BD disc. (Actually nothing different than before)
                                  The process works fine now, the BD disc is burned, problem solved.


                                  ScreenHunter_03 Mar. 16 08.53.jpg
                                  Well, a new problem arose, but that was also been there when the computer was not recovered.
                                  If I make a menu for the film, with some scenes in it, it works on the preview in Adobe Premiere, but after burning an loading the BD disc into my BD player (sony BD 5100), the disc in the  BD player would not respond to the remote control buttons.  After pushing the button many times (100) it suddenly plays the disc.

                                  Suggestions? (where i now use  '"no menu" to the disc, and it will play instantly when loaded in the BD player)



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                                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                                    Excellent news, Great job in getting the Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray to work for you. Lots of work on your side, but the job is done and done successfully.


                                    I do not have a standalone Blu-ray player. All my Premiere Elements Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc are played back on the computer using the software that came with the Blu-ray burner (CyberLink Power DVD 9).


                                    Recently adobenewbie123 wrote about problems encountered when trying to get Remote Rewind/Fast Forward to work with at least 3 standalone Blu-ray players. No mention was made of the Remote Play. I could not confirm that report with my computer model. So I would ask "Do you run into the same Remote Play when you play back the Blu-ray with a computer player?


                                    Which disc menu did you use for this particular project? And, have you checked

                                    a. placement and spacing of menu markers (since stop markers do not function in the Premiere Elements Blu-ray playback, I assuming no stop markers).

                                    b. any overlapping of menu buttons

                                    c. any other user customization of the disc menus


                                    We will be watching for further developments.