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    FLVPlayback with Flash Media Server 2

      I have an instance of the FLVPlayback component on stage. I am running Flash Media Server 2. My FLVPlayback component is successfully connecting to the media server using the contentPath "rtmp://localhost/test_video/1" ((the last '1' referencing '1.flv')). I am receiving no playback in the flash application through the FLVPlayback component. everything on the server side is set-up correctly as i have a working version of the application using a simple embedded video and NetStream object. I would like to make use of the FLVPlayback component and its addASCuePoint feature.
      i have not had any luck on receiving the stream from the server using this component, and the ability to connect to a streaming server throught FLVPlayback is not very well documented. does anyone know of a working example available for download?
      Can anyone give me any insight as to a configuration problem that might lead to results such as these?

      these are the sample apps i used to test the streaming functionality on my server, they use the embedded video feature compatible with flash 6:
      Flash Streaming Video Test Application