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    Searches within InDesign Have Stopped Working on AFP Mounted Volumes On OS X 10.9

    Matt R Jones

      I have run into a new problem since using InDesign CC on a Mac running Mavericks, the search function has ceased working on AFP mounted volumes. For example, when placing an image, if I navigate to a pot of images on my server and then tap in part of the file name within the search field there is nothing found, even though the file name I am searching for is there.


      I have spoken to Adobe technical support who said "well I do apologize for your inconvenience however adobe does not support if the file is on the network. We would be happy to help you if there is any issue with Search if the files are located locally". Slightly frustrating answer!

      This issue looks to be related to the Mavericks operating system as I have Macs running OS X 10.8 which are fine, it is only the OS X 10.9 Macs that have this problem. Is anyone else having these issues?