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    Hard drive setup for max performance.



      I've read a lot of posts and threads about how to set up the best system for hard drives for Premiere Pro CC.

      Although there are many great threads out there, I would like some specific help on how to use my set of harddrives in the best possible way. Some of the threads are a bit old and I have a bunch of brand new SSDs

      Apologies if someone feels they've answered these questions before....


      I use my computer mostly for Red Epic and Sony FS700.


      My setup:


      1. Samsung 840 EVO 250GB (OS and programs)


      2. 2 x Samsung 840 EVO 500GB Raid 0 (about 1000Mb/s read and write)


      3. Samsung 840 EVO 500 GB (I can use this if I want/need)


      4. 2 x 2tb Caviar Black (I can use this if I want/need)


      5. A bunch of small SSDs and other HDDs.


      6. Drobo 19TB for storage and safe keeping.


      Any help on which harddrives to use for what is greatly appreciated.