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    if statement with 2 conditions

    Carleen Gao



      I'm creating a form in which if "No" is selected for both the two drop downs a textbox would be autopopulated, how can I do this?



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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Using a custom JavaScript. You will need to write a compound logical statement for the "if" command or create a variable and use the logical and to set the final value of based on the values of the 2 fields.


          Do you know how to program in JavaScript.

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            Carleen Gao Level 1

            No, I'm new to acrobat and javascript. I have just learned a bit about it through googling. I can currently autopopulate the dropdown field name to the textbox but am looking for a script that would allow it to autopopulate the field name if 2 of the dropdowns are "No." Here is the script I'm using for a single dropdown box:


            if (event.value == "No") 


            else {this.getField("3").value="";}