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    ANN: New ExtendScript samples for beginners

    Russ Ward Level 4



      I've worked up a set of samples designed to help beginners get started with ExtendScript. This is mainly as a public service, as I felt there was a lack of simple, working samples out there to help new users get started. I really feel that the ability to customize FrameMaker is one of its great strengths and the acceptance of ExtendScript is very important to its future. So, if we want the product to stay competitive, it's my belief that more ExtendScript usage is critical.


      Anyway, I encourage you to get to know it, not just for FrameMaker's sake, but also for your own professional development. Technical writers who can customize their tools, even in small ways, significantly increase their market value. ExtendScript can be tricky to get a hold of at first, even for an experienced FDK developer, but the effort is well worth it.


      Enjoy, and feedback is welcome!






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