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    remote solr server




      I'm runing ColdFusion 9.0.2 dev edition and I would like to setup a remote solr server.


      I setup 2 solr servers to test this:


      One with apache-solr and tomcat

      One with solr and jetty


      In the CF admin pannel I put the remote server info and submit the changes but it wont show the collections (not matter wich solr server I put). If I create a new collection it will show an error



      • Unable to create collection test1.
        Unable to create Solr collection test1.
        An error occurred while creating the collection: java.lang.RuntimeException. Check the Solr logs for more detail.


      there are no errors in the logs and I can see the new collection in the solr server but not in CF admin


      I believe I'm missing something in the CF server so any ideas would be appretiated


      PS: Im runnin a 30day trial license to test this but I dont think it has a limitation is it?