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    PSE 12 - Adding & Organizing Place Names

    jdfan538 Level 1

      I have just upgraded from PSE 9 to PSE 12.  I am having great difficulty adding place names because of the map!


      1)  Is there a way to add a place name without using the map (which drives me insane)?  What if I need to add "School Cafeteria" or "Playground"?  I've been able to do that before by right clicking on the sub folder and adding the name to that folder.


      2)  If I use the map, it creates its own tags for me such as "United States/Illinois/Chicago" - even though I already have an Illinois folder that I imported and that is in the Place name list!  All I wanted to do was add a new city to my Illinois sub folder.


      3)  If I MUST use the map to create "Chicago," how can I move that city name (that the map creates) up into my own Illinois folder?  I used to be able to rearrange easily.  Not anymore.


      4)  I don't want PSE to organize tags for me, which it seems to want to do with place names.  Is there something I can "uncheck" so that doesn't happen?


      Thanks for helping to ease my frustration.

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          nealeh Level 5

          The workaround to continue with the old People/Places/Events metaphor from v10 and earlier is to rename the tags in that old version (e.g. from 'Places' to 'My Places') and then convert the catalog. Your old style places tags will come across and work exactly as they used to and you can completely ignore the new style of People/Places/Events tagging.


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            jdfan538 Level 1

            Thanks, Neale.  That might have worked except that I converted the catalog a couple of weeks ago and I've done too much work since then to do it again.


            So, I gather that this changed in v11 and I have to live with it.  It's really hard not being able to move those tags around.


            P.S.  Love the insanity quote!

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              larrymcg62 Level 1

              I've just upgraded to V12 and the places names thing with the map is totally stupid.  Like the OP, I want to enter a name (might not be a real place) and use it.  The hierarchy of US/State/County/place is really ridiculous.


              So, how do you enter an arbitrary name for a place without using the map to locate a real place?


              -- Larry

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                Marmotte06 Level 1

                Hi, I have had a similar problem when migrating my catalog from PSE 11 to PSE 12:

                In PSE 11 I had organized my places by Country/City. The funny thing is that the PSE 12 migration process created the right hierarchy of places, with groups for the countries and places for the cities. But... nowhere in the documentation you will find the notion of a "group of places" ! And, actually, there is now way to create a group of places. So, I cannot manipulate my places anymore.

                I now have to create a entire new hierarchy of "my places" as regular groups/tags, and simply delate all the places that were created.


                I agree with all of you the the impossibility to organize places as you want make that feature useless. I really Wonder whether Adope's developers test and use what they develop. At, at least, they have never taken more than a few picture of their own city and never travelled ;-)


                I just migrated to PSE 13, hoping they would have improved the organization of places. Nop, it's still the same. Adobe just continues to add useless features to their programs.

                Given the new bugs I encounter, #13 may well be my last upgrade of PSE.



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                  larrymcg62 Level 1

                  I've visited several threads on this issue and there seems to be no real solution.  Well, someone keeps suggesting that you can go back to an earlier version, rename some things, and then reconvert the catalog again.  This is only viable if you do it before you do a bunch of work in the new version.


                  I've been unhappier with every upgrade since my original which was V5 (maybe even earlier).  Features that I've used disappeared and new useless features (mainly centered on "sharing" everything) get added.  I would move to a different product but I haven't found one that will keep the organization info intact.


                  So I think I will create some "places" in the Keyword section.


                  -- Larry

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                    Marmotte06 Level 1

                    Hi Larry, this also what I did, create my own places. That's really terrible that Adobe doesn't listen to its loyal Customers and keeps going in the wrong direction. They are probably doing so to force "advanced" customers moving to the CC. And, as a matter of fact, you automatically get an "Adobe CC" application "for free" on your PC when installing PSE 13. I am afraid this is the beginning of the end, they are preparing the ground for PSE-CC 14.

                    It's probably time to move to something else, before it is to late, I am closely looking at PSP X7 and/or ACDsee ¨Pro.

                    Altough, like you, the biggest migration issue is the catalog and the hours I have spent tagging and categorizing tens of thousands of pictures.