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    Audio Cuts Out in my clips

    LNPato Level 1

      I imported video clips into a project, and started putting my video together in the timeline.

      I noticed that the audio just cuts out on some of the clips...both in the timeline, and in the clip preview.


      The files are AVCHD video. I chose a project setting under the AVCHD folder that seemed close to what my clips are (as far as frame rate & frame size).


      I just updated my QuickTime player, but that did not help.


      I am using Premiere Elements 11, on a Windows 7 PC. The project and all the clips are saved in a folder on my desktop that I am working off of. I played the videos from the folder in Windows Media Player, and the audio is there.


      Please give me suggestions! Thanks!


      clip properties.jpgclip properties2.jpg

      project settings.jpg