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    InDesign Export to .eps Results in Broken Type


      I typeset long documents which often include several hundred labeled photos and illustrations. Much of our art is created off-site, but we label the figures in-house. In the past, this has been done in Illustrator, but I prefer to do it in InDesign.


      Exporting an InDesign document as an .eps results in fractured type. Opening the .eps in Illustrator, a single word is now comprised of random groups of letters, and some of the characters are outlines. In the Export EPS dialog box, I've tried every combination of options under "Embed Fonts" and "Data Format." Is this a bug, or are .eps files created from InDesign not intended to be fully functional in Illustrator?


      As an aside, InDesign files placed within InDesign documents often cause the program to crash when exporting to PDF. Perhaps that is a subject for another post, but it's basically the only reason I export InDesign files as .eps (so I can re-link the offending .indd file to the .eps and export to PDF). I don't really want to open InDesign-created .eps files in Illustrator -- I'd rather simply place the .indd as a link -- but sometimes it's expedient, and I'm curious as to why the type becomes fragmented. Thanks.


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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          If you need Illustrator files do the work in Illustrator. InDesign generated EPS files are not intended to be edited.

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            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            BTW, I’m not a big fan of placing INDD files into INDD, either. I tend to use PDFs for that.

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              smellboss Level 1

              [Referring to placing .indd files in InDesign documents] Why, then, are we given the option to do so?


              I recently used this method to produce a 256-page photographic atlas with about 100 illustrations and close to 600 photomicrographs, all of which were labeled. I saved each figure as an .indd, each with layers for art, leader lines, and text. I had ZERO problems exporting to PDF and the book looks great. During the last project, however, the issue of crashing began, but even then it was less than 1% of the labeled figures.


              Using PDFs is certainly viable, but then I'm opening the .indd file and overwriting a PDF every time there's an edit (and, wow, there are a lot of edits). That strikes me as slightly less streamlined. I guess I don't like things that are touted as features that don't work particularly well.


              As for .eps generated from InDesign, I suspected as much. Thanks.