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    Quirky issue with InDesign/InCopy check-out of text?


      Hi there,


      Recently moved our entire office over to CC, and we were on 5.5 before.


      Having this one issue that seems so minut and small, but is becoming super frustrating as we rely heavily on an InDesign/InCopy assignment workflow. Here is how to recreate our issue, we need to find a fix!


      - Open an InDesign file with assignments

      - Hover over a body of text that has been assigned

      - Click on it, and push 'enter' or really any button to try and edit it to force the prompt window to Check-Out the text frame

      - Once you click yes, while still in the text frame, you can delete text, but you can't add text! This is key!

      - The only way to start editing the text is to click into another frame, and then click back.


      In 5.5, you used to be able to check it out when you pushed any button, which then became a quick shortcut for us and our editors to push 'enter' twice to start editing text... and now you can't do that!


      Surely someone else has noticed this bug in CC? We use it so much, and it's killing us ha! Is this an issue that could be a quick bug fix?


      Thanks for your help!