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    Translating using the same INDD Layout

    keith_lacey Level 1

      Let me explain the current workflow I have for translating an InDesign project.


      1) I have a English INDD file that I export to IDML for translation

      2) I use a parsing tool to extract the text from the IDML that gets sent to the translators

      3) Once translation is complete I reconstruct the IDML into it's original format

      4) Open the IDML and relink images etc... and perform DTP QA (Resizing boxes etc...)

      5) Once finished export to PDF for review.



      Now, the problem I have is the fact that I will have multiple IDML's for each language which will require multiple DTP QA's which results in more cost.

      What I propose/want to do is be able to export the text from the INDD and be able to import it back into the existing INDD, resize text boxes etc... as normal then save this out as a PDF.

      Then I want to be able to use this same INDD and import the text for another language where some of the resizing has already been done from my first language - surely this can be done.


      Any help on this grealy appreciated.