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    Selection and Type Tools not working in InDesign CC for Mac


      I have just recently downloaded InDesign CC (I use Mac OSX.9.2) and got the World Tools plugin to typeset in different languages.


      However, I am having trouble using the selection and type tools. In about the first half of the file, the type tool displays the pointer/dashed box/I-beam icon and doesn't put the cursor in the text when I click on it. I can't click to select text as I should be able to, and if I try to click and drag, all I do is end up creating another text frame. But in about the second half of the file, the selection and type tools work the way they should.


      When I click and hold on the type tool, the cursor changes to the crosshairs icon for creating text frames and the "W: H: " dialogue box for text frames appears.


      How can I get the tools to work properly in the entire document? Is anyone else having this problem?