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    Exporting flash file as .mov but audio is removed

    SteveRobinson Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am tasked with creating a video that will be hosted on youtube so needs to be a recognizable movie file format. However the movie is essentially just text and images so I figured Flash would be the best forum.


      I have created my animation, exported it as a .mov using the file > export > export video > option and it plays well but has not captured the audio included. The published swf handles the audio fine.


      The sound file is a .wav file. In Library I clicked properties and I can change compression to ADPCM which I read may work but alas no, same results.


      Can flash export video and sound in the export video option? If not, what other package would be recomended for important this .mov file and adding sound to it? Has anyone else run into this?


      SWF to Video converters are around but costly (without watermarks) and very buggy so I'd prefer a creative suite solution. I am using a MAC.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated as this project is at crunch time!


      Many thanks, Steve.