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    Transferring computers mid project/ Switching versions of InDesign


      Hello All -


      I have two questions:


      #1 When transfering between two computers (using the same version of InDesign) mid project, how can I keep the fonts in tact. I have the same fonts downloaded on both computers, but when I open a project from the second computer, the fonts do not transfer. I know how to relink the photos, but I am at a loss when it comes to the fonts.


      #2 I work for a nonprofit organization and we are making the transition from InDesign CC to InDesign 5.5 (quite the downgrade, I know.) What is the best way to keep all of the projects in tact before the transition is made? Is the best way to save them as an IDML? Also, how do I keep the fonts in tact for this transition between versions of InDesign as well?


      I appreciate any advice regarding this matter.


      THANK YOU!