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    What is the best [working] storage option for PremPro CC

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      Hi Folks,


      I'm currently building a new Workstation whose primary use will be aimed at Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I've covered the basics with the following hardware:


      CPU: Intel Core i7 Extreme 4930K 3.4GHz Socket 2011

      GPU: 3GB PNY NVIDIA Quadro K4000 Graphics Card

      Memory : Corsair Dominator Quad Channel 2133 DDR3 * 32 Gb

      OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit running off a dedicated SSD

      Ok, this could be a bit excessive but it gives me room to manoeuvre and a few years grace before some other technological advance hits the fan !

      Where I’m struggling is storage.

      Could you please share any real life examples wrt storage scenarios. Photoshop is easy enough but PremPro is a demanding beast and I’m uncertain as to what set-up I should be using. Physical on-board space isn’t a problem [Obsidain 900D case] but storage can be very expensive and I’d rather get it right first time. Just to be clear I’m concerned with storage in a working and backup situation, not external archiving.

      Thanks in anticipation.