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    CPU and GPU relationship using Premeire Pro CC

    SteveD333 Level 2

      I’m starting to put the spec together to replace my current PC with all new hardware, which I’ll choose component by component and build myself.

      As simply an enthusiastic amateur videographer who uses the Adobe CC suite purely as hobby, I don’t need cutting edge technology, but within my budget to replace, how best do I allocate funds to the CPU and the GPU?


      You guys can assume I'll purchase a modern motherboard with the ability to host two graphics cards, fast SSD and HDDs, (total of 4 drives) and at least 32GB of memory.


      The question is; how are CPU performance and GPU performance related?  Should I spend more on a fast CPU and less on the GPU, vice versa, or somewhere in the middle?  I’ve read all about the Mercury Playback Engine, and CUDA/Open CL support etc and what effects are accelerated, but nowhere can I find any research or lab tests where different CPU and GPU combinations were tested against known criteria to see how performance plays out.


      I’d really like to get the best out of Premiere Pro, and just to give some context, if I apply the Warp Stabilizer effect to 5 minutes of 1080/25p video, it takes around 140 minutes on my current setup to render that 5 minute segment.  So I’m sure anything new will be a magnitude better.


      I’m looking at an Intel i7-4770K CPU, and Nvidia GTX 760 as one solution.  I also have the good fortune to be able to lay my hands on two Nvidia Quadro K2000 GPUs free of charge as another.  I'm open to suggestions!


      Any advice would really be appreciated.