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    Possible Photoshop virus affecting printing of image files.


      We are currently dealing with a problem in our digital printing labs here at SJSU that appears to be a virus which is somehow attached to image files and which affects the printing of those and any other file.  We are running CS6 on macs running 10.6 and 10.7. 


      Here is the chain of events:


      We open the student file ( read affected file) and try to print ( in this case a jpeg, but it doesn't seem to matter whether PSD, TIFF)


      The file prints, but only half of the image prints ( the pixel dimension is like 3000 x 4000)


      If we shelve that image and try to move on with subsequent files, all subsequent files print the same way until we trash the PS Prefs file. 


      If we move the problem file to a different machine and printer the problem follows with similar results.


      I would chalk this up to a corruption of the single file, but it appears that I may have other similarly affected files showing up and I am concerned. 


      Any insight would be appreciated.