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      My laptop computer has been installing Adobe Digital Editions on and off alot.  It has had different versions installed at some point because of crashes and other problems.    Currently,  I have Digital Editions 3 and it says it's without an ID under Authorize Computer.  I am trying to read my ebooks on a new ereader/tablet and I can't transfer it when my laptop computer won't Authorize through Digital Editions.  I tried to open a new Adobe ID and that didn't work - kept saying E_AUTH_NOT_READY and the Digital Editions had an error authenticating.   I went to the ebooks under ctrl-shift-I after the ebook is highlighted <it didn't say that on the forum suggestions> or right-click on the ebook to find item information - to find out what email it was registered to my computer and now that I have it.  I tried THAT email and the password that I thought was right and THAT didn't work - E_AUTH_NOT_READY.  I went to Adobe website but I had to input a NEW password and the forum says to use the old password on Digital Editions.  I keep going around in circles and I'm getting so frustrated with this but I DON'T want to lose those ebooks if I try to erase the authenticating information from my computer and I'm not sure if I can download the book again after I had already paid for it.  Is there some way to find my password or a bypass password through the program where I can either find the old password or do I have to take the ebooks completely off the laptop, uninstall/reinstall the program without it and try to authenticate it again with the old adobe ID and password and hope it works - or use the new password from the website.