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    Transferring Premiere Elements 12 files from Mac to Windows


      I am adminstrating an oral history project.  We have several people who will be editing using Premiere Elements 12. 

      The computers will be Macs and Windows. 

      We need to be able to transfer project files and completed movies between both types of computers.

      Fats32  is limited because files can only be 4G and the raw files are about an hour and the finished file will be able 13-15GB

      NTFS can only be read by MACs and written by Windows

      HFS+ only written and read by MACs


      Any suggestions for what media can be used to transfer and this is another big questions will a ac file be readable by windows and visa-versa


      Thank you for your suggestions


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Unfortunately, the Project files themselves, the .PREL files, are not X-platform between a Mac and a PC - they are unique to the platform on which they are created.


          If you only had Mac's, or PC's, then migrating a Project is a fairly easy matter of using an external HDD, with the Project, all media and the PrE Scratch Disks on it. I do that often, when I migrate between my PC laptop and PC workstation. It's really all in the setup on that external. However, due to the lack of X-platform compatibility, I know of no way to migrate between platforms.


          PrPro does have X-platform compatibility with its Project files, .PRPROJ files, just not PrE. I suspect that it has to do with PrE's authoring capabilities (but do not know that for certain), as Adobe Encore (uses many of the same Sonic AuthorCore modules as PrE does) is also not X-platform capable. An Encore .NCOR Project file from a PC will not work on a Mac, or vice-versa.


          Sorry that the news is not better, and I know of no way to do X-platform work with the same Project from PrE.


          Good luck,



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            martznbarb Level 1

            Thank you for taking time to answer this question which is causing me sleepless nights.

            This is a huge project with the library giving me an unbelievable room to do the interviews.

            As we are training people to use the editing software to keep it simple and because of the expense we are using Elements.

            PrPro is probably not a reasonable choice.  I am a FCP person so this has been a new program to me.  May I ask one other question which I have not found an answer to and maybe do not have the language to research?  I know its off topic and if no one wants to answer please feel free to direct me where I need to be.


            The camera we have is a Canon Vixva HF20.

            It is recording it is doing 1920 x 1080 full HD at i60 there is p60 and i30/

            When I import in there is not a setting that equals that. 

            I read some where that 60i if that is not available would be best brought into PrE at 30P


            What it does is creates a type of moire pattern but it was strange. 

            I can understand the pattern on the frames of the glasses but not on the sweater which is a solid blue setting.

            When I exported it to a.mov file at 1080i 30p with ProRes H222


            How do I get it to look great when I am editing it?Also how do you add presets so you could import it as it was shot?

            Thank you for your time




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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              Barbara Pleason Mueller


              When you have video that is characterized by 60i that is 60 fields per second which equates to 29.97/30 interlaced frames per second.

              Please refer to the following article which goes into the nature of interlaced video.



              The Premiere Elements project preset should be set to match the properties of your source media.


              So, if you have 60i video, then your Premiere Elements project preset should be




              Full HD 1080i30


              Consequently you do not have to add presets. You have what you should be using.


              Please review.


              Any questions or need clarification on anything written, please do not hesitate to ask.


              Thank you.



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                martznbarb Level 1

                Thank you ATR. 

                I think somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that. 

                The article was good also.

                Still i wonder why the files when in to PrE are so bad on the screen when they come in and look okay when they go out in .mov as both are being viewed on the same monitor and yet if I bring those same files off of the memory card into FCP they look fine on import.  Any thoughts on that?

                Thanks for information and your time.


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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the reply.


                  Have you gotten into the concept of rendering the Timeline content to get the best possible preview of what you are viewing in the Edit area monitor?


                  When you bring a video into the Timeline for the first time, if the project preset is set correctly so that it matches the properties of the source video, there will be no colored line over the Timeline content. That particular render indicator line is telling you that you have the best possible preview of what you are seeing. After the first edit of that video, the no colored line will go to orange, telling you that, in order to get the best possible preview, you need to render the Timeline by

                  a. Pressing the Enter key of the computer main keyboard


                  b. Timeline Menu/Render Work Area


                  c. Pressing the Render button above the Timeline (versions 11 and 12).

                  When this type of render is completed, the orange line will turn green. Thereafter, any rendering needed will be as per the orange - green line indicator line (no more no color line species).


                  Lots more details on all this. But, for now, the bottom line is "Are you looking at the rendered or unrendered Timeline in the Edit area monitor when you say the

                  why the files when in to PrE are so bad on the screen when they come in and look okay when they go out in .mov as both are being viewed on the same monitor

                  The render no render seems the likely explanation for your observation. But it might not be the answer. We might consider the video card and other aspects of all this next.


                  Let us see.


                  We will be watching for further information.


                  Thank you.



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    That does sound like a very gracious offer by the library, indeed.


                    I understand wanting to use PrE vs PrPro - there is a large price difference, plus a learning curve involved.


                    Your question is not OT for this forum, and is one that we get fairly often. I think that ATR has provided you with the necessary information on your Imported footage.


                    As an aside, one of the nice features of Premiere is that it can edit most camera footage natively, where FCP needs to do an internal conversion of the files, to edit. The user is seldom aware that FCP (and several other video editing programs) has done that conversion, as it happens behind the scene, but being able to edit natively, is usually a better course of action.


                    I have noticed that your e-mail client, or mobile device has added a sig. with your e-mail address. Since this is an open forum, and spam'bot crawl all over it, trying to harvest POP addresses, I will remove that from the post, for your privacy. I hope that you do not mind, but we don't want to see your InBox filled with spam. When replying via e-mail, you might look into turning OFF that sig. for the Replies.


                    Good luck, and never hesitate to ask any questions. While this forum space is provided, free of charge, by Adobe, our main mission here is to help users get their Projects done well, and easily. Adobe is very lenient with us, and we are thankful for that.



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                      martznbarb Level 1

                      Good Morning ATR

                      All video are rendered when they are place in the timeline.  Does not seem to make any difference.  I work on an iMac 2.8 GHZ Intel Core i7  OS 10.7.5

                      Still strange to me that it looks good when I bring it into FCP.  Same footage from same card. 


                      This has been difficult.  I thought we could go back and forth between platforms.  Now I am going to have to spec out Windows or Apple for the library.  Not sure which is the better chose as I am a Mac person.  Any thoughts?


                      Appreciate anyones opinion. 

                      Warm regards,


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                        martznbarb Level 1

                        Thanks Hunt fo removing my signature. 


                        I did not know it would post as I have never posted on a forum before.  I have been wrestling with the editing part of the program and am trying to wrap my head around the way to proceed.


                        Our first project is interviewing people who were alive during world war II and either were on the fighting front or home front during that time.  We have 40 interviews that will be finished by the end of April and hopefully edited by the end of May.  1 hr of interviewing which should yield a short interview  4-5 minute interview and long interview 20-30 minute interview.  Raw data stored in the City Vault,   Edited interviews to be accessed on line. 


                        I still am wondering and would like to hear from people about whether the majority of people are editing on a Mac or Windows machine.  Do they find any difference in the way PrE works on either operating system.  The library is of course Windows based.  The room was to be Mac based (I am a Mac person) and I thought people could edit at home on what ever system that they had.  Most people are willing to buy the Elements program.  Yesterday, learning the files were not transferable, has thrown in a new wrinkle.  I email the library and asked them to hold off on computers for that room until I can figure out the new work flow. 


                        So my todays question is...

                        Can someone be trained on a Mac system and then edit on a Windows system and it will be transparent to them.  Are the menu’s the same.  Can you set up a preset to work on both systems in the same way.

                        Will they have the same options for output?


                        Again, I am sorry for the questions.  I know that this is not a common problem.  Just want to make the right decisions as we will be doing this project for years to come.


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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          I am strictly an Elements Windows person but, taking that out of the equation, I would go Windows.


                          Premiere Elements Windows and Mac are essentially the same in video editing principles, but there are differences between the two. And, these differences often end up with Premiere Elements Mac on the short side...many Windows Only features.


                          A while back I wrote a blog post on Mac Information Round Up to try to focus in on the Premiere Elements Mac situation. That blog post link is



                          Included in the blog post is a long list of WIndows Only Effects. The most annoying Windows Only for the Mac people appears to be related to the Green Screening Key, Blue Screen Key, Chroma Key. I propose the use of the Difference Matte for Premiere Elements Mac users as mentioned in the blog post.


                          And, the Elements Organizer in Premiere Elements Windows does come with a slideshow feature.


                          If you are going to go Windows, best have Premiere Elements 12 on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 64 bit computer so that it is a 64 bit application which can take advantage of the 64 bit resources. Check me on this, but I am almost certain that Premiere Elements Mac needs to be on 64 bit, but also with 64 bit processor in order for it to be a 64 bit application.


                          If there are to be "flaws" in the program, they are more likely to be troubleshooted to resolution in Premiere Elements Windows than Premiere Elements Mac. Versions of Premiere Elements Mac purchased from the Mac App Store have been highly problematic, and the cause(s) often left unresolved.


                          That is my take on the matter.



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            As far as the sig. data, when posting from an e-mail client, the user seldom actually sees that, and are unaware that the data has been added. Glad to remove that for your privacy.


                            As for the platform selection, if you are heading up the project, I would recommed that you go with the platform, with which you are most comfortable, i.e. Mac's for the entire team.


                            Were I leading such a project, I would choose PC's, as they are what I know.


                            The operations of most Adobe programs are very similar between the Mac and the PC, but there are underlying differences at the OS level. Regarding PrE on either, be aware that there are some things missing from PrE for the Mac vs the same version of PrE for the PC. This article goes into more detail: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1407342?tstart=0


                            I do not know if those differences will affect you in any way, but they are something to know and think about.


                            Most of all, the best of luck with your project!