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    Motion Blur Problem/Potential Bug




      I am having a problem when motion blur is activated. My comp. consists of media moving onto screen and 3D cameras moving in and out of the composition. When motion blur is activated the desired effect is created, however when the cameras move in and out on the image (with motion blur activated) the anchor point appears to be affected and it is sent behind the background. The only way I have been able to make the image visible is adjusting the anchor point, but I wanted to figure out if this was a known bug before I do this throughout my entire project.


      I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit with After Effects on a custom build with i7 3.5Ghz, 16GB Ram, and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680.


      If anyone could give me an idea on if this is a bug that will eventually be addressed or if there is a solution other than adjusting anchor point please let me know.



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          bogiesan Level 4

          Try searching for "motion blur bug" before making any assumptions. Most are user errors or misunderstandings aboiut how the software works. A precomp with motion blur can create issues under certain circumstances but you're not using a nested comp. Collpasing a precomp properly usually fixes that.

          All cameras are 3D and you can only have one active at once. Are you sure you have multiple cameras? 

          Are you sure the anchor is moving? All by itself? Moving an anchor point will not move the object unless the object is moving, too. But please clarify which object's or layer's anchor point you're talking about. An anchor point that moves usually requires parenting or active, deliberately set keyframes so be sure you don't have those. 

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Is the background a 2d layer or a 3d layer? Where is it in the layer stack? Are there any layer styles (such as bevels or glows) on any of your 3d layers?

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              CineCicale45 Level 1

              I have done quite a bit of research today as to whether this was a bug or a mistake I made and this has happened to other's in after effects, however I got no productive information on if it was a bug or a mistake. To address the other topics you brought up:


              1. I am quite aware that only one camera can be active at a time, and yes I have multiple cameras that are active in differerent sections of my composition, none overlap each other however.


              2. And as far as the anchor moving by itself, it is not necessarly "moving", the anchor position data in the timeline does not change and have no parent or active keyframes. However for a number of frames the image disappears behind the background giving the impression that the anchor point is changed. The reasoning for why I intially thought there was a bug was the image would disappear in the middle of its motion and reappear toward the end of it's movement.

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                CineCicale45 Level 1

                The background is also a 3D layer and is toward the bottom of the layer stack. I did find a motion tile effect on the layer that I didnt remember was there and that did fix some of my problems, however not all of them.

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                  CineCicale45 Level 1

                  I have been able to get my composition for the most part back to normal by adjusting the couple still affected layers from this problem by adjusting the anchor point and scale. I'll need to do some fine tuning but I would rather do that to 2 layers instead of 6. Thanks Szalam for your help!