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    How can I start and turn on symbols from buttons on the main timeline?


      Hello there!


      I looked through a lot of tutorials and also searched the community for an answer but I couldn´t find what I need so far. I think I am not the first who is asking this. So forgive me please.


      So here are 2 questions:


      1. I have my timline. There is a button. I have made a symbol. This symbol should not be visible at the start. If I click the button it should make the symbol visible and start it.


      So... What is the code I should give my button? Should the sybol be on the timeline? Should it be turned off or should I just turn off autoplay?


      What I have so far is:


      The symbol is in the timeline. It is set "on" and I can make it play with:




      So far so good. My problem now is that the symbol should be over my button. So it is not possible to press it. So logically the symbol should be turned "off" (then I can click the button under it) and when I click the button the symbol should turn on and then play. So actually what is the code to turn it "on"?



      2. I have a button in a symbol. Can this button controll the main timeline. It should for example got to frame Number 30 on the main timeline. Is that possible? What is the code I have to give the button?


      Please help. I tried so many stuff and it wont work. I am new to edge and java script etc.


      Thanks a lot for your help!