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    Printing from CS6

    Design by Sue

      I upgraded from CS2 to CS6 and am having a lot of problems with printing from Photoshop CS6.  First of all the number of pages to print does not carry through from the printer setup and I have to enter it into the photoshop print window.  Then when it prints, instead of sending the job once to the printer and telling the printer print 20 of that - it sends the job 20 times - individually.  This can take hours for what in CS2 took 2 minutes.  What the heck is going on??  I am running on Windows XP and printing to a Toshiba Studio 3540.  (FYI I just did a print job as described on CS6 was taking forever, quite out of that and opened CS2 photoshop and it ran as I expected)  Hopefully this is some kind of setting that I am missing.


      Please Please Please help!!!