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    Required Field

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      It`s about *required fields. It`s a little bit hard to explain it, but I will try my best.  First of all it seems like "Show/Hide" function is very limited. I made today request for quote form for health insurance.

      There are standard fields such  Name, Family Name, Email, which are required. Below I pasted exactly the same fields for spouse/dependants and this is where problem begin.

      Not everyone have spouse or children. If I made *reuired fields the same as primary applicant, single person wouldn`t be able to submit the form without filling out dependants names.
      I tried to use Show/Hide, but it only limit me to insurance plan names e.g. if [plan] is...all/any...[plan] + condition [plan]

      Is there any way to solve it without leaving additional fields without *required?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee

          Fields that are hidden using Show/Hide are exempt from the required setting.  When the fields are displayed as a result of Show/Hide logic then the required field is active and the fields are again required.  The approach to take with these fields (in my opinion) is to break them up into spouse/domestic partner and children/dependents.  Have a checkbox asking if they are married/have a domestic partner.  If they check the box the fields for spouse/domestic partner appear.  For children have a checkbox asking if they have children.  If yes then unhide a drop down field that asks how many.  Have x (6-7?) sets of fields related to children hidden and based on the answer to the drop down unhide that many fields.




          Jeff Canepa

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            ada_mju Level 2

            Thank you Jeff,

            I will try to implement your advice and see how it goes from there :-)