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    [Mac] Premiere Elements 12 Crashes When Titling

    RFSLeander Level 1

      I'm going to follow the new directions for posting a crash report which ask me to give specifics about my system and the files I'm working with. Please bear with me...


      I have a mid-2012 macbook pro running OS X 10.9.1 (13B42) with a 2.9 ghz intel Core I7, 8 gb of ram, and an intel 4000 1024Mb graphics card. I'm working on full-rez 1080p Nikon DSLR MPEGs shot at 23.9 fps. Average size is in the 100 to 300 mb range. The audio is synced from VoiceRecord Pro. I am using tracks 2 through 4 for my timeline. This is a 5-minute video.


      So here's my problem. As I try to work with titles, as long as I work in short bursts and give the computer frequent 1 minute periods to "rest" I can make slow progress. But the second I try to add a title, then move on to the next title, the program crashes.


      The same thing happens if I try to edit too quickly, for instance if I cut a clip or move a clip and then move on to another editing task, it crashes again.


      What is going on with this program? It has been out for a while, shouldn't updates have stopped the crashing have stopped by now?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Thank you for that information.


          One of the prime causes of crashes in Titler is due to bad, corrupt, or poorly-written fonts installed on the system. This is at the system level, and just the font(s) being used in the Titles.


          Now, regarding fonts on a Mac, I have to confess having very little knowledge, being a PC-only guy. I am not sure exactly how a Mac handles fonts, or even where to direct you, regarding checking those out on a Mac. This Tips & Tricks article has some more information, but unfortunately, it is heavily PC-centric. Still, there is a link down the thread on font issues in Photoshop (PrE's Titler is even more sensitive to font issues, than is Photoshop), and that might cover some font detective work for a Mac.



          Luckily, our MOD, Steve Grisetti is very fluent in both PC and Mac-speak, and will likely have some good, direct input for you.


          Good luck,



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            RFSLeander Level 1

            Hallelujah! I shall await his tidings. AFAIK I'm not using any crazy fonts; it's Arial Black which came installed. But I have had many, many run-ins with fonts on Mac; i used to work at a publishing house where they had to install both FontAgentPro and FontCrusher to get InDesign to work.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              With that design background, you have a leg up on many users.


              I use a font manager, so of ~ 19,000 fonts, I seldom have more than about 350 - 400 installed on my PC's at any one time. In my case, the manager is Extensis Suitcase Pro, and one benefit of it is that it comes with a font utility, Font Dr., that can test all of my fonts - and not just the ones installed. I know that Mac's have similar utilities, and think that the OS even has a font utility, to find bad, corrupt or even many poorly-written fonts. Some can be repaired, while some need to be either eliminated, or replaced (maybe a better similar one, but from a different font fondary).


              It could be as simple as one corrupt font on your system. Titler surveys ALL fonts installed in the OS, so it could be one that you would never intend to use, that is causing a crash.


              Now, I am not saying that your Titler crashes ARE being caused by a bad, or corrupt font, but that is the most common cause for such behavior, and that's why I mentioned it first.


              Good luck,



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                RFSLeander Level 1

                19,000 fonts!!!??? Wow.

                Macs come with a utility installed called Font Book but I try to have as little to do with fonts as possible because of how much trouble they can cause. If it can't be done in Arial or Goudy Oldstyle, or in extreme cases Lariat, it's just not worth doing.

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                  RFSLeander Level 1

                  But I want to emphasize that it's not just when working on titles. The whole thing is very slow and just kind of tips over whenever i try to do anything too quickly. How do i troubleshoot this problem?

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    OK, and thanks for that.


                    While I am not up on Mac's, with that i7 and also the installed RAM, there should not be a performance issue there. The H.264 material is CPU intensive, but the i7 should not be a bottleneck.


                    For when Steve G. gets to this post, it might also be useful to list your I/O (Input/Output) sub-system, i.e. your HDD's, their speed, controller type (especially if any are externals), how much free-space exists on each, and then how you have them allocated for your Project. For general performance issues, many can be traced back to the I/O.


                    I am also going to Edit your post's title, to get "Mac" into it, so that Mac-users will be more likely to see it, and to respond. Hope that you do not mind.


                    Good luck,



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      One thing I always recommend doing on a Mac is checking for font corruptions. Particularly in this case, since it's an issue with the titler.


                      When Mac fonts go bad, they bug up a lot of programs that depend on them!


                      Here's how to find 'em.


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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        Thank you - wow, that was quick!