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    Issues with colour management when printing since resetting cs5

    BellArte Lab

      I have recently reset my CS5 so that I could attempt to restore my auto color and auto tone options. Since doing this, my color management is very off when printing.  The images are darker, and more saturated than usual, as well as significant colour shifting.  I have tried various printer and computer settings and tests, recalibrating my monitor and printer, and attempting troubleshooting with articles online. I have also tried resetting photoshop again, thinking that I may have thrown off the settings when trying to fix my auto color options. I have also run nozzle and print head checks, and everything has come up fine. I am pretty sure there is something wrong with the photoshop side of the printing. I am kind of at my wits end as I am running out of ideas to resolve this issue.  I am a windows user, and I am printing on a Canon ipf8100.  Please help!