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    Ram Preview Need 2 or more Frames to playback

    masterboy99 Level 1

      Ram Preview Need 2 or more Frames to playback error everytime i use the ram preview. I tried purging memory and didn't help.


      The problem is that the ram isn't enough even though I have 16 gb and i tried allocating different amounts. I tried rendering multiple frames simultaneously. Here are the details for the ram preview:


      Installed RAM: 15.89 GBCurrent RAM Usage: 0.00 GBAllowed RAM Usage: 0.40 GB



      Process IDApplication NameMin Needed MemoryMax Usable MemoryMax Allowed MemoryCurrent MemoryCurrent Priority
      1552After Effects0.000.000.400.003 - Low

      Thats all that shows. Thank you


      PS. i am using adobe after effects CC and am running a Geforce gtx 760 with a 4770k haswell i7 proccesor.