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    AE expressions- linking text layer to external text array (syntax issue)

    DarthKcaj Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am struggleing to solve this-  any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



      In a text document outside of after effects, I have some arrays stored like this:


      var Los_Angeles = ["Los Angeles", "City Type:", "Multi-City", "Geo:", "-115.180664062,36.111252521", "Languages:", "31", "POI Count:", "20", "Photo Count:", "600", "Video", "Y", "Video Views", "30,200"];

      var Las_Vegas = ["Los Vegas", "City Type:", "Multi-City", "Geo:", "-118.243684900,34.052234200", "Languages:", "29", "POI Count:", "20", "Photo Count:", "331", "Video", "Y", "Video Views", "26,000"];

      var Sydney = ["Sydney", "City Type:", "Multi-City", "Geo:", "151.204250000,-33.866850000", "Languages:", "29", "POI Count:", "20", "Photo Count:", "331", "Video", "Y", "Video Views", "26,000"];



      In my comp in AE, I have one text layer called 'City Picker'. The source text is keyframed to cycle between the array names (eg: 'Los_Angeles', 'Las_Vegas').


      I then have many other text layers, with the following expression in the source text parameter-



      myPath = "/Volumes/VIdeo Master/Videos/Find Yours Project b0ss/source.txt";


      eval(thisComp.layer("CITY PICKER").text.sourceText)[Math.round(effect("Slider Control")("Slider"))];







      Each text layer has a slider control to call a different item in the array. So simplified, the 4th line of code should read-


      eval(arrayname)[item number]


      Eg: eval(Sydney)[5] should return 'Languages:'


      HOWEVER, instead of that, when


      eval(Sydney)[5] returns 'y'


      eval(Los_Angeles)[5] returns 'n'


      eval(Los_Angeles)[3] returns '_'



      Can anybody see what I am doing wrong?