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    flash ocx issue

    ann7549 Level 1

      HI. I have a 2 month old computer without much on it. Windows 7 pro 64 bit. i have a 'missing windows component.ocx file' error message that keeps coming up. i am not the most computer literate, but i thought perhaps the file might have a dual name and the computer isn't reconizing that the missing file is not missing! But when i searched for  ' flash or ocx ' in the start menu the only files i see are " Adobe flash 32" or Adobe flash (which i believe is for both 64 or 32).

      So, i have no idea where to go next to try to resolve this issue. The error message is 1. annoying and 2. it causes my trading platform to shut down at times. Not good! I have installed the latest version of Adobe Flash player - 12.0.0 ish. (several times!) in the past month.

      i have the latest version of Firefox i am sure, since this is a not very old computer. i have Plenty of memory and ram.

      Thank you.