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    Publishing using my trial version

      I just published my first presentation. It seems to be taking a long time. I just see the Publishing ..... message and nothing has happened in over 15 minutes. It's just 3 slides with about 30 seconds of audio.

      What could be wrong?
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          Well, perhaps you can provide us more information - so we can help you:

          - What is the file size of the PowerPoint?
          - How are you connecting to the server - high broadband or modem?
          - What happens if you close everything internet based and then try to publish? This includes closing AOL IM, Weather Bug, Outlook, other windows of IE/Netscape...
          - Whose server are you publishing to? If it's trial, then is it Breeze Central?
          - When you published, are you uploading the source file?
          - Can ya tell us what the message is saying - as the message goes through a series of messages... converting, creating .swf, etc.

          I'm jus' another user who is trying to help... as I've been there, done that ;)
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            jknetlink1 Level 1
            Thanks for your immediate response.

            PPT file is 950 KB, Breeze Audio File is 400 K. I have broadband. Based on your suggestion, I have tried after closing all other windows and programs.

            Yes, server is BreezeCentral. On Publishing, it passes through converting, creating.. asks me to login to Breeze, I select the folder and confirm. The status bar at the bottom says "Publishing" and the green progess indicator keeps dancing from left to right .... and keeps on dancing..... while I am waiting.....

            Anything I missed out?
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              Ingrid_the_Great! Level 1
              Well, based on your info and the teeny tiny file size (as I work with over 10 MB files), my guess is that there's something wrong with Breeze Central. Try this...

              - Go to Breeze Central's website directly through IE (and not from publishing in PowerPoint) and log into Breeze Central. Go to Content and try to post/upload the .ppt.. Can you upload the .ppt file? If not, then there's something wrong with Breeze Central's server - perhaps with your rights to post.

              If you can upload the .ppt file then, well... I don't know what's wrong. Keep in mind, this is only a test - as uploading the .ppt will not convert over to a .swf and it will not be connected to the .ppc audio file.

              If I remember correctly, there was a problem with this server during our class back in February - so I would not be surprised if it's a server issue.

              It's definitely not on the Breeze Presenter side - as you got to the login screen.

              Let us know how it goes for ya.

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                Ingrid_the_Great! Level 1
                One more thought... though it may not provide any useful results... have you tried publishing without the source file?

                That is, when you go to Breeze, Publish, Breeze Server tab, DE-select the Upload Source File option. If you have it selected, a copy of your .ppc and ..ppt files will be uploaded to the server - but it will not be used. Remember, the files the end user sees are .swf files which are created during the publishing process. The source files (.ppt and .ppc) are only used on the server for archive purposes.

                Once again, I don't think it has anything to do with the file size - so this test may not provide any useful results. I usually recommend this to our authors who are having upload problems when they are working with huge file sizes - over a 128 K connection.