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    Desaturated colors on my Eizo moniter only in photoshop(CS6)

    Ed Pedi

      Colors on my Eizo  CG223w look washed out in photoshop CS6 . Monitor looks great when not running PS.( Windows 7 Dual Monitor setu)p.If I drag the image to the other monitor when running PS the colors come alive again. Have profiled the monitor. Contacted Eizo they say there must be a way to tell PS where to find the right profile.??

      Thanks for any help you can give.

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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Photoshop uses the monitor profile that the OS has set as default for that device.


          So the first thing to check is that the correct profile is loaded by the OS. You do this under Control Panel > Color Management > Devices. Color Navigator (or any other calibrator) will set this up automatically, but other utilities may sometimes interfere and prevent the profile from being loaded.


          Double-check in Photoshop under Color Settings > Working RGB > Monitor RGB. Don't change anything here, just make sure it's the same profile. Cancel out of the dialog.


          Just to cover every possibility: You do know that this is a wide gamut monitor, and that things will appear very oversaturated in any application that isn't fully color managed? IOW you're absolutely certain that the Photoshop version is wrong?


          If all this checks out, the profile may be corrupt. Again, this would only show up in color managed applications. Other apps that aren't color managed don't use the profile.