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    Help me to create .air file from a flex project




      I don't know any sort of flash development but I need to make a .air release file from a flex project which was built on Flex 2.0 I believe. I tried to compile and export the project as .air file using Flash Builder 4.7 targeting Flex 3.6A but got error:


      1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: [mx.core]::IVisualElement


      After having some googling, my understanding is mx is obsolete in 3.6 but could not solve anyway.


      Please someone come forward and compile and give me the .air file if you have already Flex 2.0 build environment.


      I could not attache the project as size is close to 2MB. Please give me a buzz on my email(shafiq16@gmail.com) or give me your email then I will send you by mail.


      Thanks in advance.