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    Problem with Data Merge in Indd CS6, I need help.


      I have been tasked with creating a database driven template for business cards, Whilst I have no problem with that part, the file and database sync up nicely, whenever I try to create a merged document I run into multiple problems.


      The card looks like this:



      The problems I have are:

      1- It will offset the card on the page, basically centring it on the page but not adding any other copies to the page. If I don't preview the file first, it isn't offset but still only has 1 copy per page.

      2- If number 1 occurs and I go back to the original document, it will no longer allow me to make a multiple record document and all the options are greyed out.


      The file is set up with all the fields on a master page so that extra pages can be created easily. There are no extra elements connected to the layout floated off the page to cause issues either.

      I have looked for solutions and have tried many, but I keep running into the two problems above. Are there any other ideas to fix this problem?