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    Encore suddenly askes current CC subscriber for serial number and doesn't work

    rexomus Level 1

      I am a long time and current CC subscriber. Yesterday, Encore CS6 worked. Today, when i click to open Encore and the program prompts me to enter a serial number or "quit". There is no other option.


      All my other apps are current and work: Ae, Pr, Ps, Mu, Ai, Au, ect, ect. All but Encore.....


      Any CC subscriber knows that our subscription doesn't come with a serial number. So I am left wondering why my program worked yesterday and today it doedsn't work. Mind you, nothing has changed between the the time i left my computer to the time i returned. No updates, no new installs, n o t h i n g.


      So I follow my first instinct to search google and bing and I find that this appears to be a common problem with no soultions short of re-writing and deleting all kinds of crazy files that honestly just look unscrupulous and only meant to really screw things up worse for the person having the problem.


      So, next I follow the walkthrough at adobe's link here: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/ccm-prompt-serial-number.html    It didn't help me because it doesn't address the problem. All my other apps work so obviously my address, email, and payment options are up to date.


      Next, I click live chat at 6:00pm pst and I am bounced from one guy to the next until at 7pm pst i get the message... "Sorry to hear that your application will not work. Please contact the more experienced tech team later as they are offline."   WHAT?!?!?! No solution, just, "Your problem happend at an inconvenient time for adobe so come back later." And no mention of when that time will be. THAT is NOT CUSTOMER Service. This so not cool, moral, or right in any universe. Just leave me hanging. I can not put in to words how upset I am right now. Adobe has really let me down.


      When my clients have problems, I deal with it right then and there and I don't leave until it's fixed and done. I may jump ship on this one.