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    I HATE ADOBE!!!!!!!! Somebody please give some answers/help!….Please…..


      These were previously posted in another forum thread.. I am not particularily great at using these forums- so here it is, again. I have just HAD IT iwth Adobe!!!!!





      6.mrskodonnell,Mar 5, 2014 7:32 PM   in reply to ssprengel


      I am having the same issue, been on the phone trying to contact customer support for 32 minutes now.... I HATE ADOBE, so pissed!!!!

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        Mar 5, 2014



        7.mrskodonnell,Mar 5, 2014 7:38 PM   in reply to jsoifer


        Not ONLY are files missing.... But I had gotten some sort of letter about Fraud going on, my programs are ALWAYS glitchy or crashing.... Now, tonight- im trying to finish up a project for a client- i am bringing a pdf into Illustrator and when i go to save it, it just doesn't show up??!?!?!?!!!!! I know Im doing it right, been working with Adobe products for YEARS. Never ever have I had so many problems with the software, like I do with Creative Cloud. Its pure garbage!!!!!!! I went to do a "update" on the CC programs on the creative cloud website... Said I had the wrong password, which I know I didnt. Keeps signing me out, even though I check "keep me signed in".... Then I log in to update them and it says I DONT EVEN HAVE ANYTHING DOWNLOADED!!!!! Ummmmmm yes i do! They are on my computer and what I have been using. C'mon Adobe- GET WITH IT!

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